Anti throat clearing

1. Understand your anatomy

By understanding your anatomy you will be better able to identify and tolerate 'trigger sensations' and reassure yourself that you do not need to routinely throat clear. You will understand that the more you throat clear the more you will stimulate mucous production leading to further throat clearing.

2. Identify 'trigger sensations'

The first step in breaking this cycle is to identify the sensations that come from your throat right before you start throat clearing. It may be a tickling or scratchy sensation, or it may be a sensation of having a 'frog in the throat' or breaks in your voice. Right before your throat clears, what do you feel?

3. Sip water

The moment you experience the sensations you have pinpointed, SIP some water, and then SWALLOW with your chin slightly tucked in. Take another sip of water immediately afterwards and swallow 'hard' as if you are pushing the liquid down.

4. Gentle hum 'mmmmmm'

Imagine someone is talking to you and you say "Mmm "to show you are listening. If you have any mucous on your vocal folds, the vibration of the hum will help to clear it from your larynx without the need to clear your throat.

5. Steam inhalations

Try to steam inhale on a daily basis to reduce irritation and hypersensitivity in the throat. The steam will also help to break down thick, sticky mucous if it is present. No need to add any mint or menthol. This is only used when you have a cold.

Method: Fill a bowl, basin or even a mug with boiling hot water (do not add anything to the water). Cover your head and lean over the water. Breathe in deeply and slowly through your mouth. Continue in this manner for 10-15 minutes. This causes moist warm air to pass directly over your vocal folds, helps to relieve dehydration and reduces irritation.

6. Prevent and persevere

In time, you should be able to "catch" yourself right before your throat clears. Persevere. Even if you do throat clear, STOP midway and go through the steps: SIP, SWALLOW, and sip water again or gentle hum if necessary. You should be able to tolerate the sensation better as you progress through the program.