Brandt & Daroff Exercises Patient handout

  • Begin by sitting upright on bed (position 1)

  • Lie down onto side. Take no more than 1-2 seconds to do this

  • Keep head looking up at 45 degree angle. Imagine someone standing about six feet in front of you, and keep looking at the person's head at all times (position 2)

  • Remain on this side for thirty seconds, or until dizziness subsides.

  • Return to an upright position and wait for thirty seconds (position 3)

  • Now lie down onto the other side.

  • Again, it should take one or two seconds to get into position

  • Keep the head at a 45 degree angle (position 4)

  • Stay down for another thirty seconds, or until vertigo subsides

  • Return to an upright position and wait for another thirty seconds.

This is one cycle Repeat cycle 5 times to make one set. Repeat 3 sets per day for 14 days.