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Children with leaky nose (Rhinorrhoea)

A child with constant runny nose is not an uncommon scenario in most families. The medical term for runny nose is rhinorrhoea. The causes for runny nose in children are allergic, non-allergic and infective rhinitis. In children, allergic and infective rhinitis are by far the most common. The word ‘Rhinitis’ means inflammation of the nose which is present in all cases of rhinorrhoea in at least a mild form.


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Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea in children

Enlarged adenoids and tonsils are a major cause for disturbed sleep in children. Lack of sleep can impact growth and development of a child. 


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Winter and Glue ear

Winter is here……….

This is the time when kids come home with cough and cold

This can affect their ears and cause temporary deafness….

My son had the same and I remember my wife saying he has been a bit naughty these days….actually the poor little boy was not hearing well due to Glue ear.

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Dangers of button batteries

I had to take a child to emergency theatre recently as she accidentally inhaled a button battery. Fortunately, she recovered without sequelae as her parents realised the dangers of battery ingestion/inhalation and brought her into hospital quickly.

Here is some useful information on the dangers of button batteries.


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